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Sreejaa P

Founder & CEO


The person who is most probably going to brainstorm ideas and personally handcraft your products with utmost care.  

Sreevatsav P

Co-founder & Tech Guy


The person who looks into most of the designing and other tech related support like designing business cards, managing various site ratings,etc.

Srihari P

Industry Expert


The person who sometimes helps in understanding the market requirements and the general prices of various raw materials as well as finished products.

Uma Devi P

Creative Advisor


The person who is constantly on the lookout for various crafting media and inspires new product design ideas.


Throughout my childhood, I was often told by teachers, friends and especially family that I had a creative streak; I used to randomly decorate a piece of card or a paper bag or a gift box that I found in my parent's showroom, which would later get sold to a customer who liked the piece. That was a cue which made me realize that my art would sell.


My parents had and still have a handmade paper product business. This implied, I mostly already had all the materials I needed for my crafting. Additionally, my mom being a craft enthusiast herself, never mind me spending a little extra time or money on this passion of mine.


Fast-forward all the schooling years, sometime during my under-graduation, my brother, being the computer guy of the family suggested that I have a Facebook page, and so She's crafty started more as a reluctant effort at displaying my art and craft projects that I didn't necessarily think highly about, but my family surely did.


It was only after going overseas to an entirely new country for further studies, that I actually started to realize and acknowledge that what I have been creating is indeed "worth" people's time and money. And since then I've been working on She's Crafty with a more dedicated heart.


I'd like to think of She's Crafty as a place where you are sure to either find or get customized, your perfect handmade gift; be it a card or a box or a book...anything is possible! So please check out this website to get a hang of our products and services, and if you'd like to get something for yourself, please contact using the information in the contact page.

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